The Game

Enigm'Hackers is a strategical PvE Boardgame.

Embody a figure of the Allies victory during the Second World War

and create your own strategy to steal information from the Nazis

and discover their final coded message!

My Work

Enigm'Hackers was a 6 months school project in which I worked as:

  • Game Designer

    • Some constraints

      • Pirates​

      • WW2

      • Bridges

    • Balancing

    • Mechanics between the players

    • Events

  • Visual Artist

    • Logo

    • Box Visual

    • Cards Visual

    • Player Board Visual

    • Event Wheel Visual

    • Offices Visual

    • Rule Book Visual

All the visuals have been made on Photoshop

Lyon, France

(+33)6 34 33 56 84

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