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Neon Beats


The Game

Official Trailer

Neon beats is a side view 2D Platformer Game in which the level react to the game music.

In this game you will play a little square in a abstract world to complete levels and try to get the best score possible!

My Work

Neon Beats was a 8 weeks school project in which I worked as:

  • Game Designer

    • Some constraints

      • Non violent​

      • Playable for color blind people

      • Playable at one hand

    • 3C

    • Environmental mechanics (link to the music)

    • Collectibles

    • Importance of the music in this game​​​

  • VFX Artist

    • Environmental (bumpers, expeler,...)

    • Character (run, wallslide, drop,...)

  • UI Artist / Designer

    • Menu

    • In game interface

    • Logo

VFX made on Unity

UI made on Photoshop

Lyon, France

(+33)6 34 33 56 84

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