The Game

Samay’s Ascension is a side view 2.5D Platformer / Storytelling Game.

In this game you will play Samay, the new god of Time. You will have to go on an adventure to regain his former powers. You will meet all the other gods that will guide you through your journey.

My Work

Samay’s Ascension was a 8 weeks school project in which I worked as:

  • Game Designer

    • 3C

    • Player and Envionmental Mechanics

    • Puzzles

  • Programmer

    • Character Controller

    • Camera

  • VFX Artist

    • Environments VFX (bridges,...)

    • Interface VFX (Menu)

  • UI Artist/Designer

    • Logo

    • Menu

    • Tutorial Icons

Lyon, France

(+33)6 34 33 56 84

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