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The Game

Official Trailer

The Network has been infested. Face a giant creature ruled by music to cleanse it.

Fight while switching between 2 complementary Game Modes!

In this game you will play a little character in an infested network to fight a giant swarm and to cleanse it by using two game modes.

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My Work

Swarm was a 6 month school project in which I worked as:

  • Game Designer

    • 3C​

    • Importance of the music in the game

    • Boss Mechanics

    • Objectives

  • VFX Artist

    • Player VFX (Dash, Hit, etc.)

    • Shaders

    • Eggs VFX

  • 3D Artist

    • Character

    • Boss

    • Little Wasp

  • Concept Artist

    • Mockups

    • Concepts

    • Icons / Logo

    • Trailer Parallax

UI mockups made on Photoshop

First potential visual mockups made on Photoshop

Egg / Box / Platform

3D modelisations + shaders

Egg Explosion

Shooter Projectiles / Shooter Impact / Muzzle Flash

Dash / Trail

Sword Hit / Dash / Egg Hit

VFX and Shaders

Parallax Step By Step on Photoshop and finalized on Premiere Pro

First Version

Last Version

Social Networks' Profile Picture

Logos made on Photoshop

Steam Success made on Photoshop

Lyon, France

(+33)6 34 33 56 84

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