The Game

Student Trailer

Tower’UP is a side view 2.5D Strategic Game.

Fast turn by turn game in which player will have to control pieces to build a tower. The objective is to push the other player to make the tower fall. To do this, each player will have several powers to help him in his task.


Be care and don’t make it fall!

VFX made on Unity

My Work

Tower'up was a 8 weeks school project in which I worked as:

  • Game Designer

    • Mechanics

    • Objectives

    • Powers

    • Gem Systems

  • VFX Artist

    • Playable Area

    • Dead Area

    • Interface VFX (new power, power used,...)

  • UI Artist/Designer

    • Menu

    • Players interface

UI made on Photoshop

Lyon, France

(+33)6 34 33 56 84

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